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Metal roof in Edmonton, Alberta - best choice for your house!
With a lifetime warranty, more energy efficient home, better fire rating, lower home insurance.
Don`t pay a sales fee. Don`t pay a markup on material. Don`t pay for another person to sub contract.

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We install any roofing material in Edmonton, Alberta

Popular metal materials:

European Tile

NEW in Alberta and popular in Europe. The strongest roof.

EDCO - Slate

Texture of this material blends well with any design.

EDCO - Shake

Suitable for almost any style of house. It`s best choice to replace cedar.

Standing Seam

Panels have a mechanical lock. Rigorous style of roof. Suitable for roof with low pitch.

Standing Seam

Panels have a snap lock. Also rigorous style of roof. Suitable with low pitch.

Profile Metal

One of the most affordable metal roof. The price is the same as on the Shingles. But the quality and durability better.

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About Us

Chapak construction is a proud, Canadian born company which specialize in Metal Roofing in Edmonton and surrounding area. We work hard to bring a long lasting roofing system to your home that it is both aesthetic and functional.

Our roofing company will find the colour, profile and gauge to match your house.

As well as, the company owners will personaly meusure, order and install your roof; ensuring it up to the standards you want.

EDCO Roof 43%
43% Complete
European Tiles 34%
34% Complete
Standing Seam 23%
23% Complete

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