EDCO Metal Roof

Why Choose an EDCO Roof? Any Style you Want

EDCO roofing products come in a vibrant array of colors and designs, mimicking the looks of shake and slate roofs. See which Color you want on your long loved home.

* Withstand High Winds.
Each shingle interlocks with one another, creating a very strong unit which can withstand winds as high as 250 km/h. That's the ability to withstand hurricane Katrina, if hurricane Katrina was 50% stronger and meaner.

* A Greener Home.
EDCO metal shingles are made from a minimum 25% recycled steel. As well, metal roofs reflect more UV radiation compared to asphalt shingles, reducing your energy bill in the summer. EDCO roofs also help retain heat in the winter, thereby reducing your heating bill in the winter. That's a lower energy bill, a lower carbon footprint, and a reduction in landfill use by one simple choice. Go green, choose an EDCO metal roof for your home!

* A Lighter Load.
EDCO shingles weigh a fraction of what their asphalt counterpart weighs. This significantly reduces the stress on your home's frame and minimizes long term deterioration of the structure which holds your home together.

* Fire Resistant.
Metal roofs are not only lighter, but they are better at protecting your home from fire than asphalt and cedar shingles. Metal roofs, like EDCO, have a Class A fire rating, whereas cedar has a class C; meaning they are more resistant to combustion. Because most house to house fire is spread from embers jumping roof to roof, an EDCO roof will mitigate this risk and is a safer choice for your home.

* A Lifetime Roof.
It is better to purchase a high quality thing once rather than grab something cheap over and over again. With an EDCO roof, you will never have to re-roof again. EDCO products have a class 4 hail rating (UL2218), can withstand extreme winds, and are rust and fade resistant. All these qualities make a lifetime roof and a better return on investment than asphalt shingles. As well, warranty is pro-rated, in case you decide to sell your home.

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