Standing Seam Metal Roof


There are two types of Standing Seam roofs offered at Chapak Construction; one being snap lock and the being mechanical seam.
Each have the same benefits, all you need to decide on is which style you like, and your colour.

* A Lighter Load

Metal standing seam products weigh a fraction of what their asphalt counterpart weighs. This significantly reduces the stress on your home''s frame and minimizes long term deterioration of the structure which holds your home together.

* Fire resistant

Metal roofs are not only lighter, but they are better at protecting your home from fire than asphalt and cedar shingles. Metal roofs have a Class A fire rating, whereas cedar has a class C; meaning they are more resistant to combustion. Because most house to house fire is spread from embers jumping roof to roof, an metal roof will mitigate this risk and is a safer choice for your home.

* Superior Technology

Standing seam roofs are similar to corrugated metal roofs, except they have one superior feature; hidden fasteners. Standing Seam roofs overlap and attach in a way that hide all screws, greatly minimizing rust, chances of leaks, and other dangers that come with having exposed screws in your roof. As well, the “ribs” or bumps in the standing seam material give it more structural integrity.

* Colour and Coating

All our products come with a rust resisting coating, and our Standing seam panels are no exception. Each panel is made with a higher gauge steel or tin alloy; as well as a life lasting coating to keep the colour of your roof alive long after we install it.

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