European Tile Metal Roof

Why Choose an Tiles Metal Roof?

The new - is well forgotten old and advanced.

In ancient times, clay roof tiles wing of the palace and castles, public chambers, and the houses of wealthy merchants. Until now, the roof give the impression of reliability and durability.

Tiles coverage for decades holds a leading position on the Russian and world markets among other roofing materials, but not all owners of private homes is deeply aware of its features.

But clay tiles - a very hard material, and its use requires great physical and financial costs. You can not say about the tiles, made of sheet steel. On top of that clay tiles are not suitable for cold countries.

With regard to the technical characteristics of metal roofing is resistant to sudden temperature changes and the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Thus, the coating can be made laying under most environmental and climatic conditions, regardless of the season.

In bad weather the rain water flows freely over the smooth surface of the roof, at least freely on it in the winter snow melts.

Finally, the last major properties of the coating is its resistance to mechanical damage. The surface is strong enough, but if you want it as soon as possible to replace or tint that allows you to save the appearance of sheets in excellent condition for a long time.

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